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  • - Invest using our certified community based algorithms and financial resources
  • - Upload trading signals or financial data and make money from them
  • - Contribute to the new generation of quality financial advisory services

What we do

We are dedicated at creating and maintaining a centralized ecosystem for financial advisors and investors.

We provide subscriptions to algorithmic trading strategies created by certified financial advisors and to financial data created by developers.

Algorithmic trading is the practice of trading assets but in a way that is fully automated and generally without human interaction.

Our community based algorithms offer a continuosly evolving ecosystem of portfolio management software solutions created by certified financial advisors.

Each algorithm is unique in it's logic, risk and posible returns.

Financial advisors make money by charging fixed hourly fees from the users of their algorithms.

We aim at offering the best possible ecosystem for both investors and developers.

We take pride at being fully transparent with our customers with respect to the financial products that each algorithm trades, the logic behind each buy-sell order and the realtime and historic returns.

We do it just for fun.