To publish an algorithm you first need to create an app and generate your api keys.

Create App

API Reference

[POST] Create order


Python example:

      import requests
      import json
      import os

      API_ENDPOINT = ''
      API_KEY = os.environ['API_KEY']
      API_SECRET = os.environ['API_SECRET']

      def create_order(symbol, percentage_of_buying_power, order_type, side, time_in_force):
        data = {
          "order_type": order_type, 
        url = "{}/v1/create_order".format(API_ENDPOINT)
        r =, json=data ,headers=HEADERS)
        return json.loads(r.content)

symbol: stock symbol (e.g. : "AAPL") (String)

percentage_of_buying_power: The percentage of the current buying power that will be spent on the stock (float number) (String) (e.g. : "0.01" --> 1%)

order_type: Only "market" orders supported at this time (String)

side: "buy" or "sell" (String)

time_in_force: "day" (String) (Must be "day" for fractional trading)